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The Young family has been in Fayette since 1795 when James Young signed the Town’s Articles of Incorporation. Moose Hill Farm was purchased during the Great Depression by Oscar and Eva Young after their barn burned at the farm they owned on Fayette’s west road. Farming for the Young family always depended on a combination of incomes to survive. At various times the farm sold apples and operated a cider press as well as producing milk and logging. Carleton Young took over the farm from his parents, Oscar and Eva Young.  Logging was the main occupation of Carleton, along with several failed attempts to grow a dairy herd large enough to sustain as a full time occupation. In later years Carleton worked as a machinist and still kept his hand in the farming business keeping a small herd of cattle for dairy beef and replacement heifers. He also acquired several hundred acres of forest land and continued to harvest logs and pulp for local mills.

Arthur and Joseph Young inherited the farm from their father, Carleton, and have continued to find a way for the farm to pay its way through the sale of Christmas trees. Art and Joe have been planting Christmas trees since 1986. Each year approximately 1,000 trees are planted to replace those that are sold.

In late November and throughout December we operate a choose and cut Christmas tree farm. In addition to fresh Maine Christmas trees, we offer hand made wreaths in a variety of sizes and our gift shop is stocked with lots of items made right here on the farm.



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